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Explore your Camera
Explore your Camera

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Photography is a magic act - a little black box that can trap people, and wild animals, strange places and well-loved ones, and bring them all back home. It is a trick that never ceases to delight the audience, the magician most of all. After seeing it done for the first time in 1839, the English chemist and astronomer Sir John Herschel could barely believe his eyes. "It is a miracle," he said.

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October 17, 2010
October 31, 2010


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This class is all about you and your camera. We will start this session with helping you to understand your camera, which buttons do what and why. Then we will move on to the photographic principles, where you learn how to hold your camera, about exposure and composition. We will work together at your pace to make sure you understand everything you need before we progress to the next step. But we also challenge you, to push ahead, experiment and most of all, enjoy this fascinating hobby.

This class starts out inside, at a location TBA, then moves outdoors, (weather permitting) where we actually take pictures putting your new found information to work.

This class is 3 hours long. Maximum of 6 students, minimum of 3. Perfect for those wanting to know more about those buttons on your camera.