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Intermediate Photography-1
Intermediate Photography-1

$75.00 per Person

Class Cost

This class is all about getting more from your camera.

What makes a good picture? When do I need a tripod? What format should I use? Do I need another lens?

All these questions and more will be answered during this 3 hour photo-walk. We will start our walk at an indoor location, TBA, then move outside and explore the answers. This is a hands-on workshop, bring your camera, a tripod (if you own one) and dress for the weather.

This class is 3 hours long and has a minimum registration of 4 and maximum of 6 students.

Course Dates

October 16, 2010
October 30, 2010


Terms & Conditions

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An hour after the public announcement of Louis Daguerre's photographic process was made in Paris on August 19, 1839, opticians' shops all over the city were jammed with customers shouting out orders for picture-taking equipment. That was just the beginning: the popularity of photography increased so rapidly that in 1847, less than a decade later, 2,000 cameras and more than half a million photographic platers were sold in Paris alone. The excitement and the activity swept all over the world. In 1853, no fewer than 10,000 American daguerreotypists produced three million pictures. Londoners could rent a glass house for taking pictures and a darkroom for developing them, and the University of London added photography to its curriculum in 1856. A new vocation--and avocation--had been born.