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The Beauty of Light
The Beauty of Light

$75.00 per Person

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In this class we're going to explore Light and how it affects your photographs.

We will start this class indoors at a location TBA. We will spend some time familiarizing ourselves with some of the technical terms such as White Balance and Histograms, direct or indirect lighting and reflective light. We'll then move outside, take a photo-walk and explore our new found knowledge.

This class is 3 hours long and has a minimum registration of 4 and maximum of 6 students.

Class Dates

October 23, 2010


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Terms & Conditions

Once a photographer has a camera in his hands he comes up against a formidable array of technical and esthetic choices. How should he light the scene--with natural illumination, flash or floodlights? How should lighting angles be fixed relative to the camera for pleasing results? What f-stop and shutter speed will capture the minute detail and subtly shaded tones that a fine photograph needs?